Why Football?


The most popular sport in the country, football engenders intense emotions amongst ardent and loyal fans. However, as is common elsewhere, in Israel football has also acquired a reputation for violence and intolerance. Our goal has been to create an entirely different atmosphere, one that values diversity, openness and solidarity between people from different backgrounds, and discourages all forms of violence. HKJFC’s association members believe that by providing a safe, open, tolerant, and family-friendly environment, the club can help create new norms of behavior in Israeli sports.

Against all odds, HKJFC now plays in the Second Division (“Liga Leumit”) of the Israeli football league, after rising from the fifth (most bottom) division within a period of only 9 years. Home games are played at Jerusalem’s Teddy Stadium and are attended by between 1,500 to 4,000 fans. Over 50% of attendees at games are children, many of whom participate in the club’s social activities, community projects and collaborative programs with schools.

Being a fan of HKJFC is not only about football soccer and rooting for the team’s success. At HKJFC, the concept of being a fan carries a much more substantial meaning: being engaged in its everyday activities; volunteering in its various social programs; and taking responsibility for the club’s progress and development in order to ensure that its impact continues to grow.

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